Freedom from suffering

Freedom from pain and suffering requires three things: stopping to live in the past, taking responsibility for one’s present, manifesting the kind of future we want to see.
First changing our emotional and mental reality requires taking action to change our emotions and thoughts.

Dwelling on past sorrows and losses keeps us in the past reinforcing negative memories. Despair is the mental reality we encounter when we persist in reliving past memories which are painful. Releasing these negative and destructive thoughts requires motivation, courage, and strength which we can ask for in prayer. Invoking the help of the spiritual Realm will assist us in obtaining Divine guidance, help and protection. “Ask and you shall receive”.

Despair and sadness are the consequences of trauma, accidents, losses, wounds which one incurs on our journey through life. How we deal with them determines whether we choose to live in perpetual despair and sadness or whether we choose to take action, release our sorrow to the past, and choose to manifest the kind of future we want to live.

We must replace despair with hope, sadness with joy, darkness with light , ignorance with intelligent choices, injury with pardon, and doubt with trust. We cannot hope to change our present reality of sorrow and despair without trust and hope. We must affirm the belief that life can be good and joyful, we must trust that we can make it with support. Hope and trust helps us manifest strength and courage and confidence.

May the Higher Beings of light, your spiritual teachers, the Holy Gurus, Masters, Angels and Archangels raise you up from your mental torpor and brighten up your day with hope and love. Blessings, atma Namaste.

About Roger Fontaine

Roger is a healing practitioner and wellness facilitator incorporating massage therapy, pranic healing,arhatic yoga, and life coaching skills to assist in a holistic approach to establishing balance and harmony in all aspects of the body: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Roger has been operating a wellness clinic since 1999 and has been located at Shapes Fitness Centre in Elmwood Winnipeg since 2004.
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