Stretching and Fitness

presented by
Roger Fontaine r.m.t.

WELCOME from the desk of Roger at Healing Massage Clinic located at Shapes Fitness Centre.
Whatever the season it is important to emphasize stretching.

contact: Roger at 204-799-3663

I am writing to advise you of this energizing and learning experience which is my ‘stretching and flexibility workshop’ which in the past had been given in collaboration with the River East Transcona School Division. Because of a change in needs and availability I have changed my service.

I am offering the opportunity for you to have this workshop made available for yourself and your friends and family, or co-workers in your own home or workplace.
The price would be $100.00 for an hour workshop of full body stretching. That’s approx. $12.00 per person for eight persons to learn how to perform stretches more effectively.

I am limiting the number of participants to 8 so that I can provide more individual attention to all. All will benefit from this investment in flexibility and stress-reduction.

You will leave the workshop more flexible and de-stressed.

Personal mat and towel are needed for the workshop.

Stretching And Flexibility

Flexibility is the one component of a fitness program that is often overlooked and yet particularly as we age it is one of the most important. A flexible joint produces a greater range of motion and requires less energy to do so. Therefore a flexible joint greatly reduces your risk of injury. This class will help you to: reduce muscle soreness and improve posture; reduce risk of lower back pain; increase blood supply and nutrients; improve muscle coordination; and enhance enjoyment of activities. Come dressed for stretching! Part- theory and a lot of stretching. Please bring a large towel and pillow. Participants last year enjoyed the chair massage techniques which I showed them.

Workplace hours can be negotiated; evening sessions would be from 7:00PM to 8:00PM.
Please ensure all participants are present at least 5 minutes prior to workshop.