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 Photo ID required for new clients.

I appreciate existing and new clients texting me for an appointment at 204-799-3663
if you can.

My specialty is to provide a therapeutic massage treatment “RAPID fascial neuro reset”

The Pranic Psychotherapy treatment is used to treat anxiety, panic attacks, trauma, depression, addictive and compulsive behaviours which have become chronic. The focus is to move negative thought-form energy out of the aura and chakras, then providing a shield to protect from future penetration of negative thought entities and elementals affecting the aura and attacking the chakra. The client must be open and receptive to receiving the healing energies which are being transmitted during treatment for benefits to accrue.

Active Healing Therapeutic Massage Clinic

Please  text me (Roger Fontaine)
at 204-799-3663 to discuss setting a massage therapy appointment, located at Shapes Fitness Centre,1150 Nairn Avenue. Now in our 20th year at this location.

My goal is to give you the best treatment results as quickly and effectively as possible. I have added “Rapid” neuro-fascial-reset treatment modality for upper and lower Body to my list of techniques which I utilize to release tension in the muscles and connective tissue to remove your pain.

Insurance Billing

Our clinic bills directly to Blue Cross only. All other insurance claims must be filled by client.

I want to thank you for visiting my “Active Healing Massage” website. Give me the opportunity to serve you. I know that I can help to reduce your pain and stress levels with holistic healing therapies.
It is difficult to discern which massage therapist one should choose depending on one’s needs and preferences.

At Active Healing Therapeutic Massage Clinic there is only one male therapist, that being myself, Roger Fontaine, to provide the service.
Sometimes people are looking for a spa relaxation massage treatment. I have to encourage them to look elsewhere- my focus is therapy and pain relief.

Getting the Results


Physical pain and stress are often not taken as seriously as other problems. Most clients wait until they are in pain before coming in for a rebalancing treatment. People everyday suffer needlessly with headaches or chronic neck and low back pain for years without getting help. Helping you take care of your body is a responsibility I take seriously.
At other times spiritual, emotional, and mental suffering can manifest in the physical body. Aspects of spiritual longings or isolation can manifest as loneliness or despair; emotional and mental imbalances can result from negative environments, thoughts, and emotions overwhelming the aura and chakras creating a congested or depleted state of being.

I have developed an integrated set of techniques for assessing and treating these imbalances through massage therapy and pranic healing treatments. Solutions appear as we meld the soothing healing aspects of touch with the liberating and rejuvenating movements of prana life-force within the chakras and auras.

Like your doctor or dentist, I assess the problem and suggest the best course of treatment. If necessary, I may refer you to other professionals, and I’ll follow up to ensure you get regular maintenance treatments after your problem has been resolved.

I want to maximize your massage experience by listening to your concerns and modifying my massage to suit your needs.

P.S. Please, if you know of anyone that is under a great deal of stress or who has problems like headaches or back pain, please send them in. I’d like to help them. I will do my absolute best to make sure they get the same special care that you will receive.