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Active Healing Massage is a single male practitioner service offering stress-reduction and pain-reduction treatments for muscles and joint pain, using varying degrees of RAPID adhesion release techniques to reduce/eliminate inflammatory spots. I also, with permission from client, incorporate pranic healing techniques to assist the mechanical deep-tissue techniques to accelerate release of tension and congestion in the energy body and by correspondence in the physical body. Healing the one body affects the other(physical/energy).

I have been operating in a rented room at Shapes Fitness Centre since October 1st, 2004 and have been a remedial massage therapist since July 2001, and a massage practitioner since September 1999. I have operated a home clinic since September 1999 and moved my clinic to Shapes Fitness Centre since October 2004. I offer my services as a health and wellness advocate and facilitator to members of Shapes Fitness Centre and to the general public.

AHM table and room

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Shapes Fitness Centre
12- 1150 Nairn Avenue Winnipeg 204-799-3663
Hours of operation:by appointment only: Saturday and Sunday, Monday closed

Tuesday 10:00am–6:00 pm
Wednesday 10:00am–6:00 pm
Thursday 2:00pm–6:00 pm
Friday 10:0am–6:00 pm