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Twin Hearts Meditation Audio Stream

New research on connective tissue and pain reduction and how manual manipulation through massage and acupuncture reduces pain sensitivity.

Self-published books by Roger R. Fontaine:
Answers to Who am I
Making Better Choices
Freedom from Suffering

Alzheimer’s Disease And Dementia


The Building of the Great Pyramid Khufu

Swami Champak Anand- Wisdom series-

Roop Verma Meditative Music

Massage Therapy – NCCAM

Plum Village Meditation Practice Center

Le Village de Pruniers

Trauma Pages

Deva and Miten Premal- Sanskrit mantra recordings

OM’s Home: Yoga and Meditation Links

Yoga Postures

“The Great Invocation from Alice Bailey/Master Djwal Khul performed by R. Fontaine”