Our Philosophy – Overview

Pathologies-Restrictions – Asymmetries in Range of Motion – Texture Abnormalities

This is the approach which I use at “Active Healing Therapeutic Massage Clinic” to assess wellness or degrees of imbalance in the physical body. My approach in assessment has evolved from this approach over the twelve years which I’ve been acting as healing practitioner.
When I began performing massage therapy in 2001 I was trained in the performance of “ART” to assess asymmetries in joint movements, imbalances in range of motion and differences in muscle tone and in tissue texture.

My core values were to offer a Qualified, licensed, compassionate, respectful and professional service to my clients.
These are qualities which I look for in a health-care professional whenever I go shopping for a care-giver and that’s what I strive to provide to you at ACTIVE HEALING THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE CLINIC.

Since 2007 I’ve expanded my outlook beyond the mechanistic approach of Swedish deep-tissue massage and have specialized in adding the non-touch energy healing modality of MCKS Pranic Healing techniques which I’ve accumulated and utilized since 2007. Since that time I’ve progressed to obtain my certification as an Associate Pranic Healer.
This energy-based approach of restoring wellness is holistic and targets the whole being: physical body, emotional and mental body, and spiritual body.
The techniques of scanning allows the practitioner to assess the functioning of the eleven chakras (from basic to crown) and to identify the presence of imbalances, congestions, inhibitions, or over-activity. Once assessed these imbalances are then corrected with cleansing and energizing using mind/hand intention and application/displacement of prana energy.