Our Philosophy

The values of “Active Healing Therapeutic Massage” clinic are based upon a holistic philosophy which sees the ‘client’ as more than just a sum total of pathologies and dysfunctions requiring a series of manipulations and joint adjustments to achieve wellness and wholeness. We also consider the emotional , psychological and spiritual dimension of the client.

The customer is always right. Our attitude at “Active Healing Therapeutic Massage” is that we treat the client with the highest respect. The treatment which will be proposed will be discussed and understood by the patient before it will be administered. The time required to provide ‘good’ service is not always measured by the clock although we book appointments in blocks of one hour or one half hour depending on whether it is a first time visit or a return visit requiring only treatment time. It sometimes takes time to establish a climate of trust and intimacy necessary for the process of healing to begin. It sometimes takes more than manipulation and mobilization for the pain to subside. It sometimes takes more than just willpower and desire. But healing starts with desire. It starts with the desire to be well and to be in harmony with the universe.

It is our belief at “Active Healing Massage” that healing begins from within. And healing needs to be sustained by continuous and rigorous attention to lifestyle and to life choices. The guarantee of continued wellbeing is mostly determined by the manner in which the after-treatment care is carried out once the patient has left the clinic and gone home to resume their usually busy and distracted lives. These lives are usually filled with responsibility and duties which sometimes far outweigh their capacity to bear.

It is for these reasons that after-treatment care is vital to promote continued well-being.

One is rarely discharged from therapy but one discharges oneself. It is important that performing the stretching and cardio-vascular exercises recommended by the practitioner be implemented on a daily basis. It is also important that the number of treatments recommended by the practitioner or therapist be completed to ensure a better recovery.

Yoga is an excellent form of stretching and strengthening. We need to remember that much healing is preventative, not only curative. It is important to maintain a level of mobility and flexibility to remain supple and healthy well into our golden years.