What to expect at Active Healing Therapeutic Massage

What to expect when you visit the clinic at Shapes Fitness Centre Co-Ed Side
1150 Nairn Ave.

The patient is always in control of the treatment!

When is payment expected?

Payment is expected by either cash , cheque or gift certificate immediately following the treatment.

Will the treatment be covered by my insurance coverage?

Most insurance companies recognize the “Preventative Health Services Group” of which I am a member and will honour a receipt from this clinic. You must however file the claim with your insurance agent.


What to expect when you visit the clinic:


How did you find out about the clinic?

You will probably have been referred by a doctor, a friend or relative, or received a flyer in your mailbox.

Is this the first time you receive massage therapy?

You may be coming to receive massage therapy healing for the first time or you may have experienced other types of healing and wonder what will be the difference in treatment. At our clinic you will receive a general assessment of your skeletal and muscular condition . You will be requested to complete a medical history. You will then be offered treatment . The treatment will vary depending upon which problems are assessed. The need for repeat treatments will also vary.

Will I have to undress and what should I wear?

Assessment and treatment is performed while in your undergarments or bathing attire with appropriate draping. You should wear your everyday shoes to assist in general assessment.

Where is treatment performed?

Treatment is performed on a massage table with appropriate draping to ensure modesty and comfort while allowing the therapist the necessary access to perform the required treatment depending on which area of the body is being treated. The remainder of the body not being treated is always covered during local treatments.

Is massage therapy painful?

The occurence of pain will happen. The pain is a symptom of a healing crisis in the body. The use of different massage techniques will assist the body to relieve pain. Therefore you will experience some release of tension and some pain. I will always ask you for feedback as to pressure and pain during the treatment and adjust my treatment to not put you beyond pain which you find unbearable.