Covid update from World Health Organization

The World Health Organization came under fire in July after 239 scientists from 32 countries wrote an open letter calling on the United Nations agency to update its messaging on the risk of airborne transmission of the coronavirus. The WHO amended its guidelines days after the letter and acknowledged the possibility that these smaller droplets, […]

Distant pranic healing as option for Covid19

Distant pranic healing presentation by Roger Fontaine mar 18-2020 Hello my name is Roger Fontaine and I am a certified Associate pranic healer. I have been performing distant pranic healing on my clients since my Certification in 2009. I have also been operating a hands-on bodywork massage clinic since 2001 but that activity has been […]

Covid 19- update April 25th-2022

You may be wondering how Covid19 is affecting our massage therapy practice at Active Healing Therapeutic Massage Clinic. I’m so glad to inform you that I am offering massage therapy and pranic healing services at my Shapes Fitness location. I appreciate you texting me for an appointment , 204-799-3663 if you can. Mask and screening […]

I knew you when- mp3

song about relationships, youth, schoolyard fun, freedom, choices and risk taking.

Freedom from suffering

Freedom from pain and suffering requires three things: stopping to live in the past, taking responsibility for one’s present, manifesting the kind of future we want to see. First changing our emotional and mental reality requires taking action to change our emotions and thoughts. Dwelling on past sorrows and losses keeps us in the past […]