Donation to world Pranic Healing Foundation- India

My support for the World Pranic Healing Foundation extends back to 2007 when I became a pranic healing aspirant and increasingly since 2009 when I began the arhatic yoga preparatory program.
I encourage you to support their efforts to assist the poor in India with your donation.

Donations can be made to the link below to assist those who are suffering from poverty and need in India. I am posting the following link in support of India’s poor.
I appreciate your contributions to this global cause.
The Global Pranic Healing Foundation had an annual budget of approx. 847,000.00 in 2021 with the funds being used for feeding the poor in 16 designated regions in India, assisting the indigent with housing, medical needs, and psychotherapy services; assisting regions in disaster relief; education of boys and girls in elementary schools; assisting in the renovation of chapels following disasters;
legal assistance for those wrongfully imprisoned; training for legal students.