Etheric Hygiene

Energy Aura radiating from Core being

Etheric hygiene refers to keeping our aura clean. There are four layers of aura around our physical body, and all four are interconnected with thought-forms (TF- thoughts) and thought-entities (TE-thought with emotion) floating within it affecting our health.  The TF and TE which affect our health negatively are negative in origin and source. Negative thought-forms and thought-entities live in our aura and affect the functioning of our chakras or energy centers and consequently affect our physical health by correspondence.

Staying out of contact with negative individuals is essential to maintaining a clean aura. This is not practical or always possible therefore it is important to cut cords daily.

So how do we keep our aura clean?

There are two main functions to perform. The first is to cut etheric or energy cords with other individuals which are not wanted, authorized, or appropriate. This is done by having mental intention to cut these cords which are attached to our chakras and sever the links between us and them. It’s that simple. It helps to be able to scan the aura to detect the presence of these cords. This step is learnt in Level 1 Pranic healing course.

Secondly it is necessary to remove negative TF and TE from your aura with cleansing. It can be done with pranic healing techniques of general sweeping the negative TF and TE from the aura  and flicking them into a salt bowl filled with water and salt, or by immersing the body in a bathtub with two or three cups of table salt for 10 minutes , then showering the body.

In the absence of a bathtub, a salt/oil paste can be rubbed on the wet body, then rinsed off after a few minutes.

Water attracts prana or life force, and salt dissolves it. It’s that simple. Blessed are we that the oceans, which comprise 70% of the earth, are filled with salt. There is nothing more cleansing than a swim or dunk in the ocean.

Keeping a salt bowl in the house helps to collect and disintegrate dirty energies in the house or office. (making sure to keep it out of reach of children or pets) (it must be disposed down the toilet daily.)

The third method for cleansing one’s aura and chakras is the meditation of Twin Hearts developed by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui. It is available at the national pranic healing website: Follow the link to the ‘twin hearts meditation audiostream’.

This is a meditation which takes approximately 25 minutes and consists of blessing the earth and all beings with love and kindness generating cleansing purifying energy movement through the energy body. The consequence is the dissolving of past lives negative karma and the production of positive karma credits for the future.