Introduction to Pranic Healing

Knowing about ENERGY!
Can change your life


An Introduction to Pranic Healing
Take Healing into your own hands

Pranic Healing a Time –Tested Path for Discovering and Actualizing What You Were Meant to Do in This Lifetime….

You long to live a life of purpose. You feel a pull from within- a persistent inner voice that won’t go away.
You yearn for meaningful work, deeper relationships with others, and to give
Your unique gifts in order to make the world a better place.
You also feel an urgency around activating your full potential and living your true purpose.
You know that the world needs your contribution, but the challenge of “changing course”
Perhaps like many others, you feel alone and under-supported to take your life in anew and positive direction, despite having close friends.

You’re Not Alone

Whatever your present situation, you probably know that there could be more. More Meaning. More Purpose. More Passion.
You know we’re at a major shift – in values, in consciousness, in economics- and you know you want to help make that shift happen.

Make the Shift with Pranic Healing
Activate Your Life’s Purpose Today.

Imagine for just a moment what your life will be like if you take a brief voyage into the realm of possibility.

Imagine yourself filled with passion for your true calling.

You’ve discovered not only how to be in this world, but how to match
your passions with what the world needs, and thus bringing true abundance to your life- not just spiritual fulfillment and joy,
but also love ,deep relationships, and yes, even material wealt
Pranic Healing ‘s Essential Energy Tools and Techniques designed to raise your Energetic Vibrations.

1. Scanning: (Applied Kinesiology) connecting to an intuitive guidance pulse in you to help you
Say “yes” or “no” to the right decision for you.
2. Life of Service ( Life Path Optimizer): helping you on a continuous personal spiritual journey. Helps you to ask the Right life questions in the Right Way so that you move toward the life that serves you according to your purpose. (Like children growing up they continually ask life changing questions.)
3. Meditation ( Wisdom Tool) To help you open up to your spiritual gifts. Helping you to connect to your angels, guides, synchronicities in your life. Helping to live a life of abundance, purpose, love, etc.

4. Cutting Cords ( Energy Radar, Energy Detox) : Helps to clean the negative energies, scars, blocks around you that you pick up everywhere during your day to become surrounded by positive energies.
5. Getting into your Heart Space when stressed, decision to make, unbalance do connect to your heart space. This is where you connect to feelings and energy , the heart is not only pump blood. Your heart brings quality of calmness and depth.
6) Blessing of Violet Ball of Light: is a positive love light, with limitless of
possibility . Creating a powerful shield around you, your aura, and your
chakras. Blessings during the day make you grow bigger and stronger,
sending you energy you can transmit to others to make changes in your
life or for others.

Pranic Healing tools and techniques creating a new way of living your life, a life of Abundance, Joy and Enlightenment.