Pranic Purpose- Mystery of the Divine Plan

June 4, 12:12pm-2010

Pranic Purpose- Mystery of the Divine Plan

I want to share this story with you as it demonstrates the importance of each action we initiate to shaping our present moment and co-creating our destiny.

Three years ago in 2007 I was nudged by ‘Spirit’ to begin a course of study in pranic healing. This enabled me to become more sensitive to the ‘prana’ and presence of ‘life-force’ in a tangible and structured way. Shortly after beginning my study I began to incorporate pranic healing into my massage therapy practice.

Two years ago, in 2008, I was nudged by ‘Spirit’ to organize a gathering of my high school graduates for their 40th anniversary gathering. As I started to contact some former classmates I connected with Gil who, when I asked him about his brother-in-law Harvey, proceeded to inform me that Harvey was suffering from the effects of  a brain tumour and was resident at Taché Nursing Centre. This was summer of 2008.

This news disturbed me and touched my heart greatly. So I decided to pay Harvey a visit, not having spoken to him since high school, some forty years previously. I had no expectations of what would ensue, however, when I communicated with Harvey about my intent to visit him occasionally and offer him some complimentary massage services  and pranic healing he gave me his permission with  the raising of his left shoulder, left arm and hand the way he always motioned his approval, accompanied with a partial smile.

Harvey couldn’t speak because of the tumour and having suffered a stroke was paralyzed on the right side and bed-ridden.

So ,whenever I found myself within distance of his aura, usually in Saint Boniface on Provencher Blvd. or Marion Street,  I would be nudged by ‘Spirit’ to visit Harvey and offer him some healing services. He appeared glad to see me and near the end of my last visit in March 2010 he even smiled as I said goodbye and when I asked him whether he wanted me to return the answer was his wave of his left arm and hand indicating ‘yes’. He was even able to give me a guttural ‘yah’.

Jump to today, as I was entering Saint Boniface from visiting a friend  at Organza, ‘Spirit’ suggested that I visit Harvey and offer him some healing services. It was 11am.  I had time so I proceeded towards his nursing home.  As I entered the third floor and stood in front of Harvey’s room a nurse opened the door just enough for me to witness Harvey’s remains.  She informed me that he had passed away three hours earlier, at 8am. She wouldn’t let me into the room.

As I have developed the habit of doing when faced with a dying person in the last few years I  had scanned for Harvey’s chakras as I was  approaching the nursing home and felt his chakras as being average.  This even though his body had ceased to live. Even though I didn’t know this at the time.   It is not uncommon for the soul to take three hours to leave the body. That is why in some religions there is a respect given to the deceased by not moving the body for a minimum of three hours after the body has been pronounced dead.

As I left the nursing home I showered his aura with orange light assisting his soul to leave his body. As I continued to do this I continued my scanning and eventually within a few minutes his basic chakra diminished in size and started to fade, then his higher heart chakra, shivered and shrank, then his crown chakra fading from my scanning sensitivity. As his soul left his body I was able to feel, what to me I perceived as   Harvey’s soul passing through my fingers and then fading away from my sensitivity.

I believe that a  spiritual connection was begun with Harvey prior to my meeting him physically in 2008 and that it was part of the Divine Plan that I  initiate the 40th alumni gathering of Louis Riel Graduates so that I could I re-connect with him at this time to assist him to transition. Harvey taught me the gift of patience, being bed-ridden, speechless, mostly motionless for many years. I thanked Harvey for his gift, for his silent acceptance of his fate, and for the courage he demonstrated within his  majestic silence.

My thought was: that could be me in your bed but it isn’t. Thank you Harvey for enduring this suffering for me. Thank you for your gift and sacrifice.

On June 4th,2010 Harvey Bazay passed away at the age of 57. He was a classmate and a friend.  He allowed me the gift of being his friend and having the joy of remembering his precious and unique smile.  His gift cannot be forgotten and must be shared to give just weight to the  importance and meaning of his life. He will be with me always.

Blessings to Harvey.

Blessings to all.

Roger R. Fontaine

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