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“Answers to Who am I”, April 2011,

While autobiographical in nature the book analyzes issues such as origin of identity, karma, and learnings from parents, schools. Examines how others influence development; and how the adult being chooses to become responsible for their destiny or allow themselves to be carried on the wave of mass behaviour or non-conformity.
Health and wellness results in achieving balance in all four areas of life: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.
The book examines the difference between religion and spirituality.

“Making Better Choices”, April 2011.
Making Better Choices
from cosmology to spirituality
By Roger R. Fontaine

About the Book

This book looks at how we make choices, what are paradigms and how they affect the choices we make, the role of thoughts and emotions, the role of chakras and movement of energy between them and in them.
This book also looks at the cosmology and construction of our personal and social reality, it looks at the journey through dualism towards spiral dynamics and evolutionary paradigms. Interspersed with some poems to imagine the more subtle aspects of how we think, dream, and perceive our reality.
Spiritual growth and evolution are the underpinnings of this book and its subject matter details the foundation of the author and the journey from addictive behaviours and patterns towards recovery and freedom.

“Freedom from Suffering”, August 2012.

Freedom From Suffering
Freedom from Suffering contains 48 segments which cover a range of subjects pertaining to spiritual evolution, reduction of pain and suffering in one’s life, and elements of lifestyle choices which raise one’s vibration and prepares one for the transition between incarnations.

About the Author
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I currently operate a private wellness healing clinic located in called “Shapes Fitness Centre” . I offer table therapeutic massage and no-touch pranic healing techniques from a holistic perspective targeting the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies.