Tom C. says: ‘Roger gives one of the best massages in town”

Diane R. says: “After only one treatment my shoulder pain was reduced so much I could sleep well for the first time in ten years”

Debbie M. says: “I notice an improvement in my sleep since receiving massage on my left side after having received major surgery to that area”

One of my clients who suffered from symptoms of fibromyalgia makes a claim that massage therapy helped her with a reduction of symptoms.

Re: Roger Fontaine, Active Healing Massage Clinic,
I have had many massages in the past due to my previous illness of fibromyalgia and the muscle tension and soreness it causes.I have never had a massage as thorough and soothing as the therapeutic massage that Roger gives. Roger worked diligently to remove the knots and stored tension that had not been previously addressed: I felt an immediate sense of ease and natural flow of movement after the massage and from then onwards. I can affirm that for me and probably for most people, a thorough therapeutic massage as Roger gives is highly beneficial on a regular basis to keep the body at ease and moving well.

Thank you Roger for the well thought out, informative and superior work that you do.
Sincerely, Suzanne M.

New testimonial for distant pranic healing


My name is J.W.. I have a condition called Fibrocystic Breast Disorder. I have cystic breasts so I have to continuously check for masses that could develop into unhealthy cysts. About 2 years ago I developed quite a large mass on my right breast. I got fluid removed from the cyst several times but it kept coming back causing periodic breast discomfort. My doctor said we would keep an eye on the mass and as long as it did not increase dramatically in size I would not have to have it removed, we could continue draining it.
I spoke to Roger about it as I was not comfortable with this conclusion from my doctor. Therefore we started the pranic healing. After a few sessions the cyst started to reduce in size and I have no more discomfort. The mass is still there but I sometimes have trouble finding it, that is how small it is now.

I believe in the power of pranic healing and I am happy I was able to experience such success with it….


I have been seeing Roger for 4 years. I feel a peace come over me as I enter his massage room. I have had many injuries and problems during my time with Roger and he has always taken time to address them and fix them.

Over the last four years Roger has practiced Pranic Healing. I was at first skeptical but I can feel the healing powers during sessions. I can certainly feel the results many days after my treatments. A few times I have been out of town and have texted Roger to do a healing. I can feel the powers even miles away. Roger is slowly teaching me self healing. I can see some benefits but I certainly appreciate him doing the healing for me!
I have been to many other massage therapists, but none as good or a thorough as Roger.
Thanks Roger To many more years together.
Vicky D.

Please keep cleaning Roger. You are a powerful healer. Her lower bowel is severely infected and we need the steriods to work. Pathology wasn’t sure if it was Crohn’s or Ulcertive colitis. She is 25. I had a feeling you were cleaning her yesterday.I sensed you. She closed her eyes like when I clean her.
With gratitude, L.

Group distant healing

Hi everyone: I saw C. today and she asked me to ask you all to continue the distance healing – she needs healing on her left leg behind the knee and a little of the thigh. There are deep burns and they didn’t skin graft that part and now they are saying they may have to do more skin grafts there if it doesn’t heal – but we are hopeful that the healing will take place and she will be home soon. The nurses are all saying how calm her room is compared to all the other rooms and how she is healing so well – we know that the energy distance healing is taking place and are very thankful for all the support and help that is provided to her. Blessings to all of you. Love J.